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License terms

The book

This book is licensed under the

Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike 3.0 United States License

The license basically states that you are free to copy, distribute and display the book, as long as you give credit to me. You can modify or build upon this work, if you clearly mark all changes and release the modified work under the same license as this book. The restrictions are that you will need my permission to use the book for commercial purposes.
You can read the exact text of the license in full, by visiting the Creative Commons website, following the link above.

The code (packages and other)

All the sorce code on this web site is made public under the GNU GPL (General Public License) .This includes packages and all other source code written by me and posted on this site.
Basically, the license states that you are free to copy and distribute the code, as well as build upon it and modify it, as long as you retain all copyright notices, clearly mark all changes and release your code under the same license. For more details, consult the GNU web site by following the above link.


ALL the information on this web site (http://www.mathprogramming-intro.org/) represents my strictly personal view on the MathematicaTM system. I am not affiliated with Wolfram Research Inc. in any way, as of the time of this writing.
ALL the information on this web site is provided AS IS, with no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. Neither I nor Wolfram Research Inc. will be liable, under any circumstances, in any loss of any form, direct or indirect, related to or caused by the use of any of the materials hosted on this web site.
In particular, there is no warranty of any kind for the functionality, correctness, reliability etc. of all and any of the code hosted on this web site. This includes, but is not limited to, application packages and sorce code in the book. Anyone willing to use any of the code is doing it at their own risk and takes full responsibility for this action.